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WebGuide4U Got Sitelinks: Perfect Beginning For 2011

It is such an immense pleasure to announce that WebGuide4U got Google Sitelinks. Now when ever you search for WebGuide4U in Google, you will be seeing 4 links from WebGuide4U blog. Thanks to all readers of WebGuide4U and support from Community who actively supported WebGuide4U time-to-time.

Google Sitelinks is automatically picked up links from your blog or website and they will be only shown when result will be useful for user. Here is a screen-shot which will make things more clear:


You must wondering what is Google Sitelinks? According to Google:

The links shown below some sites in our search results, called Sitelinks, are meant to help users navigate your site. Our systems analyze the link structure of your site to find shortcuts that will save users time and allow them to quickly find the information they’re looking for.”

The major benefit of getting sitelinks is it builds Trust and helps in branding. Though Sitelinks generally depend on the number of clicks you are getting from search engine and luckily most of WebGuide4U traffic is from Search Engine.

I will be looking forward to get better page rank in future and establishing WebGuide4U as one of the top community on web.

Well, Google uncle created Sitelinks for WebGuide4U but forget to gave me good PR and WebGuide4U still at PR2.

If you have not subscribed to WebGuide4U, you can join WebGuide4U on Twitter and Facebook. If you have any tip or suggestions for us, do send it across via contact page.

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  • Wow..!! That is an awesome news mate… Congrats… this really is am awesome start to a new year for a blogger…

    I wonder when I would get this gift… 😉

    • Thanks Amandeep, yep a great start will look forward to get more.
      Work on your blog, Google will offer you everything.

  • Congrats Vivek, that’ s agreat achievement…keep it up…:)

    • Thanks Navin, yep a great achievement for me. Will look forward to offer you more quality content

  • Vuong

    Congrats mate. It is not easy to get Google Site Links especially your blog has only 6 months old. Keep it up and good luck.

    PS: I see your comments everywhere :-).

    • Thanks Vuong for good wishes, i thought Goole will offer me sitelinks in December month but after a month i will get it. about comments, i try my level best to give my feedback and share what i will learn till date

  • Ganesh Babu

    this year is really great year for me to… one of my site traffic got suddenly increased from 100 uv per day to 300 uv per day and today it reached to 500 uv per day…

    • That’s great news for you. keep going ahead, all the best to you.

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