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[How-To Guide] Back-Up WordPress Database By Using PHPMyAdmin

WordPress Blog’s use MySQL Database to store whole information like your blog posts, comments, etc. If you’re a Professional Blogger then you’re constantly updating your blog with at least 4 blog posts a day and this data directly stored in MySQL database which you don’t want to lose at any condition, so its necessary for you to keep up the regular backups of your data to protect it from any loss or damage. Already I had covered a lot on database from installing to deleting a database by using PHPMyAdmin. Now, this post focus on “how-to back-up the WordPress Database By Using PHPMyAdmin”.

Step1: Login into cpanel and click on PHPMyAdmin as shown below:

back-up+database+wordpress+phpmyadmin+mysql+sql+wordpress 3.0

Step2: Now select WordPress Database and click on “Export” button as shown below:

back-up database manually+wordpress+wprdpress 3.0+wordpress database+mysql+phpmyadmin

Step3: Now click on “Select All” to choose all the tables which located in database.


Step4: Now click on SQL option on right hand side and save the file locally, you can choose the compression type and after choosing out click on “Go” button to download it locally on your PC.

back-up database+wordpress+database+manually+webguide4u+mysql

Step5: As soon as you click on “Go” button, the browser will ask you to download the back-up. Select “Yes” to download or “No” not to download it.

back-up+database+wordpress+phpmyadmin+mysql+sql+wordpress 3.0

Do share your ideas how you back-up your wordpress blog. And, if you face any problem, then do let us know in the comments section?

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  • Thanks for the detailed review. When you have a big blog one has to use manual procedure for backups rather than plug ins.

    • glad you like the detailed review. WebGuide4U focus on providing step-by-step guide on tutorials so that a beginner will become a better webmaster. Stay tuned to WebGuide4U we have more to say, yet our best has to come

  • shk @ Myliteraturetechlife.COM

    thats my first visit to your website, quite nice collection of tutorials you have for beginners..
    Keep up the good work (Y)

    Cheerz 🙂

    • Welcome to WebGuide4U, thanks you like the tutorials. working hard to provide each and every tutorial which helps to make a better webmaster.
      thanks for kind words

  • kbharath

    Great tutorial vivek. i like the way you have explained with use of images its easy to understand.

    • Thanks KBharath, you liked it. Basically the aim of WebGuide4U is to help out bloggers and webmaster so it becomes necessary to explain it in simple manner as i can.

  • Thank you very much for the tutorial vivek..

    • Thanks Farred, you like the tutorails. Stay tuned to WebGuidUe4u you will get more tutorials

  • Hey Vivek you have expalined this article in a very nice manner and I appreciate the effort in it. Anyone can understand this article easily and implement on their blog or website.

    • Thanks Sushani for the kind words. WebGuide4u is for beginner’s only as i know how much problem faced by a newbie while learning so many things alone. Hope i can offer them everything

  • Shashank

    its good but it wont work when u need to transfer your site from one domain to another in that case What would u suggest Thanks in adv

    • @Shashank: first back-up your site and download that data by using any ftp client (i prefer filezilla), and upload it
      the second way is that use a better hosting company (i prefer hostgator) they will do all the things for you without messing up anything
      the third way is that i will come up with an article on this 🙂
      Still not publish the manual installation of wordpress – in new year your wish get fulfilled

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