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[How-To Guide] Change Auto-Generated Password In WordPress

Already, In earlier post I talk about recovering password in WordPress. Now you have recover forgotten password and this password grant access to admin panel.

Remember, this is an auto-generated password which you have to change. Changing auto-generated password is quite easy and anyone can change it in few minutes. Just follow step-by-step guide on changing auto-generated password.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel.

Step2: In WordPress Dashboard, you see that it is asking you to change auto-generated password.


Step3: Now, click on “Yes, take me to my profile page” option and it will redirect to profile page, where you have to change the password (as shown below).


Step4: Congratulations, you have successfully change the default auto-generated password.

Do let me know in comment section, if you face any error while changing auto-generated password??

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