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[How-To Guide] Change Default Permalink Structure In WordPress Blog

After installing WordPress, the first thing you have to do is to change the permalinks of your blog. Permalinks make the URLs permanent and make it more easier to remember. By default, WordPress blog use dynamic URL structure like http://infoedutech.com/?p=1 and these URL structure are not friendlier to search engine. To make URL SEO friendly you have to change the URL structure and this post focus on changing URL structure.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel by typing URL as mentioned below:

http://domainname.com/wp-admin (replace domainname with your domain)

Step2: Go to “settings” and click on “Permalinks” (as shown below).


Step3: When you click on “Permalinks”, it open a new window as shown below:


Step4: Now you have to customize your permalinks and have to select the best SEO optimized permalink structure. There are a lot of option like:

  • Day and name
  • Month and name
  • Numeric
  • Custom Structure

The most basic and most used URL structure is “%postname%“ (as shown below). After changing URL structure click on “Save Changes” button as shown below


Step5: Congratulations, you have successfully change the permalink structure in WordPress.

Now it’s your turn, what should be permalink structure according to you?? Do share it in comment section and don’t forget to like on Facebook

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