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[How-To Guide] Create Add-on Domain

Hostgator Baby or Business plan offers you to host unlimited domain names on single hosting account. I’ve already outlined the tips and tricks to choose a better domain name and if you’re unable to find a better domain name then these tools might help you out in finding the right domain name.

In this tutorial I’ll teach you how to add add-on domain on your hosting account. But before that I’ll let you know what is an add-on domain? An add-on domain feature allows you to host more domains on the same hosting account. It creates a sub-directory within your main web hosting account directory. It uses the same space and bandwidth as your main account. There are lots of benefits of add-on domains some of them being listed below:

1) You’ll be able to promote several websites/blogs with one hosting account.

2) No need to buy new hosting account and saves lots of money.

3) You’ll create multiple domain/websites on same hosting account.

So, after a little wait, here is a step-by-step guide on adding Add-on domain on your hosting account.

Step1: Login into your cPanel

Step2: Click on Add-on Domain

add-on domain name+wordpress+seo+domain name+webguide4u

Step3: Now you’ll be asked to fill up the required fields as shown below. After filling up the required field click on “Add Domain” button to add the domain. (I’ve use infoedutech.com as a domain name).add add-on domain+wordpress+webguide4u+seo+domain-name+top-level-domain-name

Step4: Congrats your add-on domain has been created (for me it’s infoedutech.com).

add add-on domain+webguide4u+wordpress+seo+domain name+top-level-domain-name

Now you can easily add as many domain as you like and easily Install WordPress on this domain name or you can use our Free WordPress Installation Service.

If you haven’t purchased a domain name or looking to get a good suitable domain name then these tutorials will be helpful to you

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finally in the end do let us know if you’ve faced any problem while adding add-on domain name??

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  • thanks for this short tips

  • Khan


    Can you please tell us how to point the domain to host at other hosting company. I mean i have a domain registered in one company but want to host at different hosting company so how can i point that domain from that company to the hosting company just for hosting the domain.


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