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[How-To Guide] Deactivate WordPress Plugin From WordPress Dashboard

WordPress – best blogging platform and WebGuide4U is an effort, which try to cover each information on WordPress in form of how-to guides. Already  I have shared how to install plugin from WordPress dashboard and how to update WordPress plugin from WordPress dashboard but did not shared how to deactivate WordPress plugin from WordPress dashboard. This post focus on deactivating WordPress plugin from WordPress dashboard.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel, go to “Plugins” tab and click on “Plugins” (shown below)


Step2: When you click on “Plugins” (step1), it open a new window (shown below), now select the plugin which you want to deactivate it (for me I have chosen – Dean’s Permalinks Migration). After choosing plugin, click on “Deactivate”.


Step3: When you click on “Deactivate” (step2), it will deactivate the plugin (shown below).


Isn’t is easy, if you have any question do share it in comments section and do not forget to like on Facebook or you can also check out Free WordPress Installation Service or WordPress Consultancy Service

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