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Make Money By Author Advertising WordPress Plugin

Revenue Sharing is a new way to attract guest author, as it is useful for both (i.e., blog owner and guest author). For blog owner, it helps in increasing traffic and Alexa ranking of his blog and for guest author, it’s an easier way to make money by writing on his favorite niche.


As a WordPress user you can also convert your blog into revenue sharing blog and offer readers to write for your blog and in return they make money. To convert your blog into revenue sharing you have to install this plugin and the rest of work done by this plugin.

Author Advertising Plugin

This plugin created for multi-author blog and offer blog admin to create a revenue sharing program utilizing one of the many advertising programs such as Google Adsense, Yahoo, etc., out there.

This plugin can also be used as a banner manager, author photo/website widgets.

For Adsense revenue sharing program, this plugin is one of the most secure and working plugin.

This plugin works on % concept, you have to enter the percentage and the plugin work on the prescribed percentage.

With this plugin Admin (blog owner) has complete control over:

  • The percentage of author adverts to admin adverts.
  • The user level that an author has to be before they got to participate in the revenue sharing program.
  • Whether to randomise author ads on the front page of the blog.
  • The page that authors see before entering their published ID.
  • Custom field where you can collect additional information from your authors and display it.
  • The positioning and content of ads.
  • Up to three author advertising widgets
  • The information that authors enter.

Configuration of this plugin is little tricky and I will cover-up in next article.

Download Link: Author Advertising Plugin

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  • Author Advertising is a good plugin.
    I am also thinking of installing this plugin on my blog as I need guest authors to write for my blog.

    I once installed it. But then changed my mind and thought that I be only writing on my blog.
    But I think for better xposure on net and in blogging, technical world, i need guest-authors for my blog, who can write on my blog, atleast related to Blogging Niche


    • Yes Atul you are right, for better exposure in blogging business guest blogging is a must. Just focus on your niche and try to get traffic on your blog and in no time you will see that most of them are ready to write on your blog.
      All the best

  • Thanh

    Thanks for this usefull post.

  • Brankica

    This is new to me. I didn’t know this can be done. Thanks

  • Author advertising is certainly a great plugin for multi author blog, I have installed it but I am hardly ever using it since most of the time the guest bloggers hardly ask for revenue share. I think now I will put a banner stating I have revenue sharing

    • Its better to write a good article stating that netchunks is open for guest blogging in addition to this also state that by writing on netchunks you will get a backlink and other things.

  • Great Post Vivek. Guest Bloggers get attracted through this plugin.
    Keep it up 🙂

    • Thanks Harneet you find it useful.
      Yaa if you look for guest blogging on your blog then you have to give something that you can easily attract guest bloggers

  • This is an informative post, i have been looking for this plugin for my own site to open up as a guest blogging platform and sharing 100% revenue . Does this enable the admin to post ads on the articles that have been written by the author or is it just based on percentage sharing? coz this is less convenient if i want to share all the revenue on posts written by the author and a percentage is a very broad way of looking at it, since, say an author writes 5 articles in an site with 500 articles he cant be given a fixed percentage as that will be unfair to the author

    • @Rohan: you can easily add google adsense on articles written by author and its on you what percent of revenue you want to share. It is fair to give him 100% share (personal opinion only), as he writes a unique article for you and promote his own article which ultimately drive additional traffic on your site.

  • What i was asking was, i dont want to share it on a % basis.
    I want him to have the revenue for all the posts he writes.
    does this plugin differentiate with respect to the authors posts or is it just on random ad rotation?

    • You can assign what percent of revenue you want to share. This plugin works on amount of % revenue that you want to share.

  • Sujan

    Does this thing really get you good profit?

    • Yaa Sujan, this plugin helps you to allow guest authors to write for you. The more authors you get the more money will you make by increasing traffic on your blog

  • prabhakaran

    Awesome!. Thanks for the share.

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