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[How-To Guide] Add Number For Each Comment In Thesis WordPress Theme

Thesis WordPress Theme one of the most popular and widely used WordPress Theme and at WebGuide4U I’m using it. One reason I like Thesis WordPress Theme is that it offers you to cut down all your SEO plugins from your blog and without any knowledge of PHP and CSS you can easily customize it. Still thinking to get Thesis WordPress Theme, then I suggest you to do not think, get your copy of Thesis WordPress Theme right now:

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Already, I have shared few tutorials like how to open comments link in new tab, turn off comments in WordPress by default and how to delete default comment in WordPress. All these posts help you to deal with comments in WordPress. Now, in this post I’m sharing how to display number for each comment in Thesis WordPress Theme.

Step1: First log-in into wp-admin panel, then go to “Thesis” tab and click on “Design Options” as shown below:


Step2: When you click on “Design Options”, it open a new window (as shown below). Now go to “Comments Option” and click on “Comments”.


Step3: As soon as you click on “Comments” (in step2), a drop-down menu displayed as shown below.


Step4: Now click on “Comments Meta” option, you see a drop-down menu. All you have to do is to check the “comment numbers” option and click on “Big Ass Save Button”.


Isn’t it too easy? If you have any query let me know via comments or get in touch using contact form

If you have not get your copy of Thesis WordPress Theme, then get it right now:

Sign-Up Link for Thesis WordPress Theme

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