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[How-To Guide] Optimize WordPress Database Using PHPMyAdmin

Already I had provided you a step-by-step guide on repairing and optimizing your WordPress driven website without using any plugin. This article focus on optimizing WordPress Database by using PHPMyAdmin.

PHPMyAdmin, free software tool written in PHP and made to handle administration MYSQL over world-wide web.

Step1: Login to your WordPress Database using PHPMyAdmin

Step2: Select the right database, if there is only one database then it would be chosen by default.


Step3: Now click on “check tables having overhead” option and select the proper table as shown below:


Step4: From drop down menu (as indicated above in screen-shot), select the menu item which says “Optimize table”. This will optimize the tables which is shown below:


PHPMyAdmin is the easiest way to optimize the overheads of your database without adding plugin load to your WordPress site.

Note: Before applying this tutorial back-up your database and never click on options like Drop, Empty because they will ruin your database and creates a problem so be careful.

Finally in the end do let us know in the comments section, if you faced any problem?

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