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[How-To Guide] Submit Website To BuySell Ad Network

As a blogger or webmaster you need to monetize your blog so that you can easily pay online bills (I’m not discussing here how to make money online or Blah Blah related to money). Finding advertisers for any blog is always a daunting task and BuySellAds network comes as a rescue for you. This ad network help you to find advertisers to your blog in no time and offer you to make money online.

Already I have shared how to add BuySellAd Code in Thesis WordPress Theme and have not shared how to add website in BuySellAd network. So this post focus on adding website in BuySellAd Network.

Step1: Sign-Up for BuySellAd network first and click on “Publisher Dashboard” as shown below:


Step2: As soon as you click on “Publisher Dashboard” (in step1), it open a new window and on right hand side click on “Submit Property” as shown below:


Step3: As soon as you click on “Submit Property” (in step 2), it open a new window (shown below), click on “Website” to add your website.


Step4: When you click on “Website” (in step3), it open a new window and you have to fill details of your website and after filling details click on “Submit’ button as shown below:


Step5: As soon as you click on “Submit” button, you see a new window like this (shown below). The website will be reviewed by BuySell Ad network and if your website has been accepted then in no time you will start selling ads from your site.


Isn’t is so easy to submit website to BuySell Ad network? If you have any query do let me know in comment section and do not forget to like WebGuide4U on Facebook

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