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[How-To Guide] Add Buy Sell Ad Code In Thesis Theme

Already I have covered some tutorials on thesis theme. Here is a quick recap:

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Thesis one of the best SEO optimized WordPress theme which offer you lots of option and anyone can customize it easily without any knowledge of PHP and CSS. This post focus on adding BuySellAds in thesis theme. For adding buysell ads in thesis theme you have to place the buysell ads code in body tag. So, here is a step-by-step guide on Adding BuySell Ads in Thesis Theme.

Step1: Log-in into your BuySell Ads Account

Step2: Now in publisher dashboard click on “Add Zone” (as shown below)


Step3: Now fill up all the details and click on “Next” button as shown below:


Step4: When you click on “Next” button (in step3) a new window open and you see a code (as shown below), you have to place this code in body tag.


Step5: Now log-in your wp-admin panel and go to “Custom File Editor” as shown below:


Step6: Now copy this code:

function bsa() { ?>
your buysell ads code here
add_action('thesis_hook_before_html', 'bsa);

Step7: Copy this code and paste this code in custom_functions.php file and click on “Big Ass Save” button. Remember place your buysellads code (you can get it from setp4)

Step8: Congratulations you have successfully added buysellads code in thesis theme.

If you haven’t get your copy of thesis theme, then download it now

Download Link for Thesis Theme

If you face any problem do let me know in comments section. Don’t forget to like on Facebook so that you can’t miss any thesis tutorial.

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  • Vivek That’s a good tutorial for beginners except the only issue is when you try to add more than 1 125*125 ad block..It breaks..You need to add a class and do the styling using custom.css.. It’s nothing big, but many people stuck in this stage and ended up broken BSA ad placement…

    • Well, thanks for pointing out. This tutorial focus on adding BSA code before body tag in thesis theme. As many of them are unable to add the BSA code, so i come up with this tut. Now look forward to add css so that the code doesn’t break.

  • Thanks for sharing this tutorial…

    • Thanks Nihar, this tutorial is for thesis users as many of them are unable to add BSA code in thesis theme

  • Greg

    Thanks Vivek

    T6his seems and is a big problem for Thesis Users
    I have tried for 2 days,both manual and plugin but no luck

    Earlier today someone said add the code to the additional code box in Thesis Options
    I will now attemp your way.Please post the css code or fix

    Even the Thesis Forum seems stuck for words on this one

    • Hi Greg,
      you have to add the code in custom_functions.php file only, not anywhere and about CSS till date i do not come across this problem.

  • Can you give me the css code of that alert box of yellow color you used?

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