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Tips On Choosing The Best Web Host

Having a Good and Best domain is an essential step in starting your online business and to help you out in choosing a best domain name I have already outlined the excellent tools to help you out in choosing the domain names. Apart from domain name one of the important feature will you have to look forward is where you will host your domain, i.e. you will need a right web host to host this domain name. There are many hosting providers out there and you will have to choose the better one which suits your needs and requirements.

Some of the questions which you have to ask from yourself before opting for any Web Host?

  • How could you choose the better web host from the plethora of web hosts available today?
  • Money back guarantee?
  • Will you have full control of your account?
  • The reliability of the hosting infrastructure?
  • Pricing of the hosting plan?
  • Hosting features such as disk space, bandwidth, server-side functionalities, e-Commerce ready, other free extra services such as free web design templates, Internet marketing and promotion?
  • Number of hosting awards and honors?
  • Customer Support 24*7?
  • Number of hosting customers?
  • The levels of customer satisfaction (testimonials)?

Choosing a right web-host is one of the essential tasks because all of the hard work you have done will not be wasted by choosing the wrong host. This article will aim on providing noteworthy tips in choosing a better web host as already i have outlined some of the tips on choosing a domain name now its time for tips on choosing the web host.

So some of the handy tips are as follows:

  • Always go for the maximum Disk Space (web space)
  • FTP Access will be available
  • Degree of Reliability, Security and Speed of access will be there.
  • Dependence and Support (24*7), it is one of the most important aspects you have to look for.
  • Pricing Plans should fit your pocket
  • Data Transfer (Bandwidth) depends on you. I recommend you to go for unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Email Addresses facility

These are some of the tips which you have to look for before choosing the best web host. Well we recommend some of the web host so that you may get some help from our side:

WebGuide4U Recommended Web Host


Hosts over 2 million domains and is known as one of the reputed web host in the industry.


Unique feature of dreamhost is that customer can cancel their services anytime with an addition that they also provide free tial for those who want to test their services.


Another reliable web hosting company and has proven it’s worth to the users and is one of the legit competitor of Hostgator


One of the reliable web hosting company on the web that has earned a good reputation on the web.

You can also check out the best WordPress Hosting Providers here

These are some of the recommended web host from our side. Do let us know your recommended hosts in the comments section?

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  • This is a nice and helpful post for people who are passionate for blogging and are often misled with so many choices on the market.

    Vivek, I think you should write a detailed review on these providers, this will surely help the readers.

    • Thanks Amandeep you will sooner see the reviews on these host will be working on this week to produce as much content as i can on webhosting.

  • You forgot to mention Godaddy which has 98% uptime and also which is the cheapest with good performance….
    Nice guide for the beginners, I will suggest this page for the beginners who are buying the Hosting Domains.

    • Thanks Sidduz for adding Godaddy to the list but still i don’t prefer it because it is too costly as compared to the hosts which are being mentioned here.

      • You are right… I also prefer GD to take domains only, that too if some offer is there.. their hosting is too expensive man…

  • Hi guys
    I have a reseller package with a very small web hosting company who have helped me every step of the way.
    One thing I’ve learnt about choosing a host is… you need good quick support.
    My hosting company have explained things to me, moved things to the correct directory when I’ve made a mistake, backed up my site before I upgrade and they reply to my queries in about 20mins / half an hour.
    Beforte you choose a hosting service…. make sure you get good support!

  • jimmy

    Awesome post. Very insightful and great content. Thanks!

  • Vivek, you can include Site5 in your best WP hosting list, because I recently moved to Site5 and found its one of the best host I tried so far.

    • Hi Navin, Thanks for suggesting Site5 to readers of WebGuide4U. Would check out other reviews as well and add it.
      Thanks for letting me know about it.

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