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[Tiny Tip] Useful Time Saving WordPress Keyboard Shortcut

Already I’ve offered you a how-to guide on enabling keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation. Now in this post I’ll  share some useful time-saving WordPress shortcuts.


These shortcuts will be a time saver for you while writing any post.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcut

01) Link: Alt+Shift+a

02) Blockquote: Alt+Shift+q

03) Read More: Alt+Shift+t

04) Unordered List (ul): Alt+Shift+u

05) Ordered List (ol): Alt+Shift+o

06) Publish the post: Alt+Shift+p

07) Strike Through Text: Alt+Shift+d

08) Undo: Alt+Shift+u

09) Redo: Alt+Shift+y

10) Edit HTML: Alt+Shift+e

11) Align Left: Alt+Shift+f

12) Align Center: Alt+Shift+c

13) Align Right: Alt+Shift+r

14) Ctrl+[number] to get various header sizes for the highlighted text.

15) Bold: Alt+Shift+b

16) Italics: Alt+Shift+I

Finally, if I’ve missed out any useful keyboard shortcut do share with us in comment section below and if you find this article useful, do not forget to share it on social sites and with your blogger friends.

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