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[Review] Coupon Code WordPress Plugin

WordPress – no doubt most popular blogging platform because it offer infinite number of free WordPress plugins and free WordPress themes from its plugin and theme directory. With WordPress you can easily make money by using affiliate programs (in this post I’m not talking about what are affiliate programs and affiliate marketing). Many affiliate programs offer discount coupon and some smart guys use those coupon to steal your commission and you are unable to make money by promoting that program. This is one of the big problem and CouponCode WordPress Plugin comes as a rescue for you.

CouponCode WordPress Plugin offer you to create as many coupon by hiding affiliate links and you can use those coupon code(s) in your post(s) and page(s). This plugin has user-friendly interface which offer you, to easily create and manage coupon from WordPress dashboard. This post focus on how this plugin works and how to use this plugin.

How to Install Coupon Code WordPress Plugin

Step1: Installation of Coupon Code WordPress Plugin is same as other WordPress Plugins. Already I have shared how to install WordPress Plugin from WordPress Dashboard, check it out here.

Step2: After installing Coupon Code WordPress Plugin activate it. As soon as you activate this plugin you see a “Coupon Code” tab in wp-admin panel (as shown below)


Step3: Now click on “Coupon Code” tab, a drop down menu open (shown below) showing options of this plugin.


Control Panel of CouponCode WordPress Plugin

CouponCode WordPress Plugin offer you to create and manage as many coupons as you want. Hers is a complete view of this plugin,

CouponCode General Settings Page


CouponCode Manage Coupons Page (it is empty because I have not created any coupon yet)


CouponCode Add Coupons Page [Image3]


Above screen-shots offer an overview of this awesome plugin which clearly show, how easy is to create and manage coupons using this plugin.

How to Create Coupon(s) Using Coupon Code

If you look at [Image3], you see that already various fields created for you and you have to fill-up all the required fields. Follow the step-by-step guide to create coupon using this plugin:

Step1: In “Name” [Image3], simply fill out the name of affiliate program you are using (for me its CouponCode)


Step2: In “Coupon” [Image3], fill out the coupon code that you want to share with your readers. (for me it is WEBGUIDE4U)


Step3: In “URL” [Image3], insert your affiliate link (as shown below):


Step4: In “ShortCode” [Image3], type the name (i.e., shorcode of this plugint – I’m using CouponCode)


Step5: After completing all the steps as guided above, click on “Add Coupon” and a new coupon added and this coupon (i.e., coupon created above) hide your affiliate link while adding on any post. Similarly, by following above guide, you can create unlimited number of coupon(s).

How to Use Coupon Code WordPress plugin (i.e., how this plugin works)

Step1: Write a new post (or use existing post). Select required keyword (that you want to link) and click on “Insert Coupon” as shown below:


Step2: As soon as you click on “Insert Coupon” (step1), you see that coupon code inserted in that keyword (keyword that you select in step1).

couponcode+hide-affiliate-link+couponcode wordpress plugin +WordPress

Step3: Now click on “Preview” button on right hand side and see this plugin in action.

couponcode+WordPress+webguide4u+WordPress plugin+hide-affiliate-link

Step4: When you click on “Preview” button (in step3), it open a new window and you see CouponCode WordPress Plugin in action, which only show the coupon code (i.e., WEBGUIDE4U).


Step5: Now no one can steal your affiliate commission, create as much coupon as you like and generate unlimited amount of money by sharing coupon codes.

CouponCode WordPress plugin recommended for all WordPress users especially for those who are in affiliate marketing and unable to make money online. You may like to see this video which demonstrates how this plugin work.

Sign-Up Link for CouponCode WordPress Plugin

If you have any query do let me know in comment section or get in touch using Free WordPress Installation Service and do not forget to like WebGuide4U on Facebook

Disclosure: This is a review post, if you want your WordPress plugin or WordPress theme to be reviewed here, get in touch using contact form

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  • Matthew

    Hi Vivek,

    this is a great step-by-step guide on installing and using the Coupon code WP plugin. I was not aware of this plug in. It really makes our lives as affiliates easier.

    • @Matthew: Yep this plugin is useful if you are running any discount coupon blog or sharing discount coupons on your blog.

  • Hari

    Hi Vivek,
    What about just using this plugin on a regular site ? I’m not an affiliate but I want to implement discount codes for specials or give to friends etc. Can we use the plugin for generic discount codes ?

    • Hello Hari,
      Yes you can use CouponCode plugin as a usual plugin and create as much as generic discount codes and make money from it

  • Hari

    Sorry Vivek, maybe I was not clear enough. I don’t want to make money – I’m the website owner of HackterTrading – I want to issue 30% off coupons only to my Facebook or email friends. I own this site and its contents. Most of the material on the plugin is focused towards usage for affiliates. My use is just a regular coupon that I can distribute – Can I just do this ?

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