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[How-to Guide] Multi-Site Option in WordPress 3.0

Finally after a lot of buzz on the web wordpress 3.0 is out there and it comes with wordpress WPMU which is being incorporated in wordpress 3.0, that means now you can run multiple blogs/websites from one single installation of wordpress. This will indirectly empower wordpress users to run multiple websites from one blog. As already I had provided you the tutorial on how to upgrade your wordpress blog to wordpress 3.0 and wordpress URL Shortener feature, continuing in the same series of posts, in this article I will highlight the new feature of wordpress 3.0 which is being known as Network or Multi-Site option and by default this feature is being disabled in wordpress 3.0.

This article will provide you the step by step guide on how you can enable the Network settings options in wordpress 3.0? So for what you are waiting for just get started and experience the joy of working on wordpress 3.0.

To enable this multi-site feature on your wordpress blog, you have to simply edit your wp-config.php file which is being located in wordpress installation directory. Open this file by using the FTP and add the following one line code in it.

define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);

After adding that piece of code in wp-config.php file, refresh your wordpress dashboard and you will see the page like this:

Now simply deactivate the plugins to remove this error message.

Now go to Network Settings Option under Tools section and click on the network settings option, after clicking on network options you will see the page like this:

Although it is simple, but requires a lot of attention in doing all this work because I know many of them are facing this problem and still you are unable to do this then you can Hire Me. Will be coming with lots of posts on wordpress 3.0 and how to merge your blogs into one blog.


Disable all the plugins first because some of them are not compatible with wordpress 3.0.

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