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[WordPress 3.0 Features] URL Shortener Under Your Domain Name

We all know that WordPress 3.0 is out and everyone will be working on to upgrade it and experiencing out the new features and functions in wordpress 3.0. We had already provided you the tutorial on how to upgrade wordpress to wordpress 3.0.  Now, in this article I’m sharing you with one amazing feature of wordpress 3.0 is URL shortening.

WordPress 3.0 comes with a URL shortner under you domain name and it will helps you in branding your wordpress blog. While shortening URL we use third party applications like bit.ly, su.pr, etc. or other plugins, but default option would be very handy for anyone out there.

After writing an article you can click on edit article to get the option of shortlink as you can see in the image below:

Meanwhile in the end do let us know what you think about this URL shortener feature under your domain name in wordpress 3.0?

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  • This new feature is quite cool. I really did not know about it. Thanks for sharing bro

    • Thanks shiva, still more features are to be listed here, keep updated because a lot more to go on wordpress 3.0

  • Adam

    Nice and welcomed feature

    • Welcome Adam to WebGuide4U, there are many features like taxnomies, new theme, etc.

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