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What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Already in the earlier article I told you about “what is shared Web Hosting” and now in this article I’m going to tell about “what is Dedicated Web Hosting”? Basically dedicated servers are computers that have only one function, i.e., to host and run websites which you place on them.

As the name implies, dedicated hosting is a dedicated web server which means that data of your website is not being shared on the same computer as compared to shared webhosting. In dedicated hosting you are free to do anything and can make custom hardware and software configuration for the server that you will rent.

Dedicated hosting is good for those websites/blogs that have pretty good traffic and becomes one of the good options for your online business which needs some specific requirements. Dedicated hosting is not for single website, it gives you a complete freedom to host multiple websites on the same hardware and with this option you can easily cut down the cost and easily manage all the websites/blogs from a single account which will indirectly help you to concentrate more on other strategies of your business.

Dedicated web hosting provides a great amount of security and privacy as compared to shared hosting and reduces the risk of the attacks which will indirectly help you to gain trust of your client. Dedicated hosting is one of the good options for someone who wants more storage, bandwidth and control over the server.

There are two types of dedicated web hosting are present and they are being mentioned below:

1)  Managed Hosting

2) Unmanaged Hosting

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting is hosting that is controlled by web hosting company which will provide necessary updates to your software and maintains the hardware on your behalf. The charges for managed hosting are usually high because you are also paying for the services they are providing to you. Most of the times, managed dedicated servers do not comes with root access and sometimes rebooting of the entire machine is necessary when the system crashes or locks up. Some of the web hosts provide free reboots as part of the service while others will provide only a limited number of reboots per month and you have to pay extra for each reboot.

2) Unmanaged Hosting

Well, we not recommend you to go for unmanaged hosting because in this, user is the server administrator and have full control on it, i.e., the root (administrator) password will be given to you and have to manage all the things by yourself and will take unnecessary time as compared to managed hosting which will indirectly affects your online business which we do not want to happen with you. Unfortunately, if there are any security fixes on the web server or the operating system on the computer, you will have to solve them by yourself and if you want to be solved by web host then you have to pay more for it. Of we talk about pricing unmanaged hosting is cheaper as compared to managed hosting.

Like Shared web hosting, dedicated hosting has also had some advantages and disadvantages and they are:

Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Email Addresses
  • Multiple Domain Names
  • Don’t share the server with other users
  • No need to purchase own equipment
  • No need to update/maintain equipment
  • The serves are Fast, Powerful and very good Uptime
  • Complete Independence which means the user had direct access over the server
  • Dedicated servers provide higher Reliability, increased performance, greater Security
  • Good for large websites that have high traffic
  • Strong software support. The user can install or upgrade any type of support on the server according to his need

Disadvantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

Usually dedicated servers (hosting) has no disadvantage except price other than this they are the recommended ones.

  • Too Costly not recommended for beginners.
  • If any error occurs it takes a lot of time to fix it.
  • Dependence on Web Host Provider
  • If data transfer exceeds, then you have pay for this.
  • Requires a lot of skills, needs a professional to monitor and handle technical difficulties.
  • Server is the property of the service provider.
  • Impossible to change Web Host, even if you are unsatisfied with their services.

If you want a quality dedicated server at an affordable price then search deeply and choose the better one which meets your minimum requirement or you can choose from our top listed web hosting companies which are being listed below:

WebGuide4U Recommended Web Hosts


Unique feature of dreamhost is that customer can cancel their services anytime with an addition that they also provide free tial for those who want to test their services.


Hosts over 2 million domains and is known as one of the reputed web host in the industry.

You can also check out this page for more details on Best Web Hosting Providers around the web.

Finally in the end do let us know your thoughts and views on dedicated web hosting and if I have missed out any of the important aspect then let us know in the comments section? And if you are looking to buy web space at cheap rate then look at the following article which will avail you up to 90% Discount on Web Space.

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