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[How-To Guide] Customize Thesis WordPress Theme Using FTP

Thesis – no doubt SEO optimized WordPress theme which provide a lot of options and offer you to customize it easily without any knowledge of PHP and CSS. After installing thesis theme you have to rename custom-sample folder into custom so that you can easily customize Thesis WordPress theme by editing on two files, i.e, “custom.css” and “custom_functions.php”.

Already I have shared some tutorials on Thesis WordPress theme, here is a quick recap:

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All these Thesis tutorial help you to customize Thesis WordPress theme. Now, in this post I’m sharing how to customize Thesis WordPress using FTP client without messing anything with webhosting server.

Step1: Open your FTP client (I’m using FileZilla), fill-up all your details and click on “Quickconnect” as shown below:


Step2: After clicking on “Qucikconnect” button, you will connect to server (as shown below). Now click on folder with “/” symbol and go to “public_html” folder.


Step3: In “public_html” folder click on “wp-content” and go to “themes” folder as shown below:


Step4: In “themes” folder, click on “thesis_18” folder and again click on sub folder “thesis_18” folder as shown below:

customize-thesis-wordpress-theme Step5: Now you have to rename “custom-sample” to “custom, so that you can customize Thesis WordPress theme easily.


Step6: Now you have renamed custom-sample folder (in step5). To customize Thesis WordPress theme, you have to edit two files only, i.e., “custom_functions.php” and “custom.css”. Follow the instructions carefully in this screen-shot


Step7: Now start customizing thesis by editing “custom.css” and “custom_functions.php” file.

If you have not get your copy of Thesis WordPress theme, then get it right now

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  • Raj

    I do use ftp for customizing thesis becoze if by mistake i add any wrong code than it could be removed immendiately.

  • Aniket @Pixaffiliate

    this thesis guide is very good. i loved it. Thanks vivek

    • Thanks Aniket you liked it, stay at WebGuide4U a lot more thesis guide will be coming

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