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[How-To Guide] Disable Multimedia Box In Thesis WordPress Theme

Thesis no doubt one of the most popular WordPress Theme and every second blogger started using this SEO optimized WordPress Theme because this theme comes with lots of options and by using this awesome WordPress theme you can drop many SEO and unnecessary plugins from wp-plugin folder. Already, in previous posts I have shared install Thesis WordPress theme from WordPress Dasboard, change custom-sample folder into custom, install Thesis WordPress Theme using FTP client, customize Thesis WordPress Theme using FTP client, add AdSense Revenue sharing code in Thesis WordPress Theme, add Google Analytics, add Infolinks ad code, add buysell ad code and add author profile box after end of post.

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In this post I’m sharing a step-by-step guide on how to disable multimedia box in Thesis WordPress Theme and in few steps you can easily disable it in Thesis WordPress Theme.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel and go to “Thesis” tab, click on “Design Options” as shown below:


Step2: As soon as you click on “Design Options” (in step1), it open a new window (shown below). Now simply scroll down and select “Do not show box


Step3: After selecting “Do not show box”, click on “Save Ass Button” shown below:


Congratulations, you have successfully disabled Multimedia Box in Thesis WordPress Theme. If you have not get your copy of Thesis WordPress Theme now

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