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[How-To Guide] Install Google Analytics Code In Headway WordPress Theme

Already I have shared a how to guide on creating Google Analytics account and adding Google Analytics tracking code in Thesis Theme and now in this post I’m sharing how to guide on installing tracking code in Headway WordPress theme.

Those who don’t know, Headway is also a SEO optimized theme which offer you lots of options and will cover all of them in coming posts. I have already shared few tutorials on Headway theme, here is a quick recap:

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Before installing Google Analytics tracking code you need to create a Google Analytics account and after that you will get the code that you have to add in Headway WordPress Theme. Here is a step-by-step guide on installing Google Aalytics tracking code in Headway WordPress Theme

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel and go to “Headway” tab and click on “Configuration” a shown below:


Step2: When you click on “Configuration”, it open a new window (as shown below), click on “Scripts and Analytics” to add the Google Analytics tracking code in Headway theme.


Step3: Now copy Google Analytics tracking code and paste this tracking code in “Footer Scripts”. After pasting the tracking code click on “Save Changes” button as shown below:


Step4: Congratulations, you have successfully added Google Analytics tracking code in Headway WordPress Theme.

If you have not get your copy of Headway Theme, get it now

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Have you added Google Analytics tracking code in Headway Theme? If not then add now and don’t forget to like on Facebook to get all tutorials on Headway WordPress theme

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  • Doru

    Hi Vivek Parmar, thanks for this article

  • Great Share. Installing Google Analytics is a must for every blogger.
    Keep it up 🙂

    • Thanks Harneet, you like it.
      Google Analytics helps blogger to track his traffic

  • Thank you for sharing, I needed help with this!

  • monica

    Thanks for sharing this!!!! I could not find documentation in Headway about just this topic…I knew it would be easy…I just didn’t know where to find it!

    • @Monika: Glad it helped you out. Let me know if you need anymore tutorials regarding Headway..

  • taufiq

    thank you for sharing

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