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[How-To Guide] Make Static Homepage With WordPress

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After installing WordPress, first thing you do is to change the default password generated by WordPress and after changing password you will install plugins and WordPress theme from WordPress dashboard. Some user (or users) interested in making static websites or static homepage but they do not know how to make static homepage with WordPress. This article focus on making static homepage with WordPress.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel, go to “Pages” and click on “Add New” as shown below:


Step2: When you click on “Add New”, it open a new window (shown below). Now fill-up all the details and click on “Publish” button on right hand side.


Step3: Similarly (as guided in step2), create a new page with the the title “Blog”.

Step4: After publishing this page (step2), go to “Settings” tab and click on “Reading” as shown below.


Step5: As soon as you click on “Reading”, it open a new window (shown below). Now select “A static Page”, after it for front page – select “HomePage” and for blog posts – select “Blog”. After doing all the things, click on “Save Changes” button as shown below:


Step6: Congratulations, you have successfully created Static HomePage with WordPress.

Do let me know if you have any questions or you can also use “Free WordPress Installation Service” and do not forget to like on Facebook.

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