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[How-To Guide] Install Headway Leaf (Add-on) From WordPress Dashboard

Headway WordPress theme is one of the best premium WordPress theme that I have come across till yet. Headway WordPress theme offer you complete control over your WordPress blog because of its lots of features (I’m not discussing any feature here will come up with a review post on Headway WordPress Theme in coming posts).

Already I have shared, some tutorials on Headway WordPress Theme, here is a quick recap:

How to Install Headway WordPress Theme from WordPress Dashboard

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How to Install Google Analytics Tracking Code in Headway WordPress Theme

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All these tutorials help you to get started with Headway WordPress theme and will come up with more tutorials on how to customize Headway WordPress theme.

In this post I’m sharing how to install Headway Leaf (or Add-on) in Headway WordPress theme from WordPress dashboard.

Step1: First download the leaf from Headway WordPress Theme from here

Step2: After downloading leaf, log-in into wp-admin panel and go to “Plugins” tab and click on “Add New” as shown below:


Step3: Already, I have shared a tutorial on installing WordPress Plugin from WordPress Dashboard, check it out here.

Step4: After installing the leaf, activate it (shown below).


Step5: After activating the leaf, open you Visual Editor, go to “Leafs and Column” tab and click on “Add” from the navigation menu (Excerpts+ is the leaf that I have installed).


Step6: Now, add this leaf and adjust according to the layout of your blog.

If you have not get your copy of Headway WordPress Theme, then get it now

Sign-Up Link for Headway WordPress Theme

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