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[How-To Guide] Transfer SEO Settings From Thesis WordPress Theme To Headway WordPress Theme

Thesis – most popular Premium WordPress theme and many bloggers and webmasters using it. On one of my blog I’m using Thesis WordPress Theme and planning to migrate from Thesis to Headway WordPress Theme. But did not find the right way to back-up all SEO setting because if I migrate all my hard-work will be lost. Recently come across this awesome plugin which help me to migrate all my SEO data without affecting anything.

This plugin made by StudioPress and it offer you to transfer your SEO data from one theme/plugin to another. Oops, I have not mention the name of plugin, well its name is “SEO Data Transporter” (download link available after end of post). This plugin made life easy for WordPress users who fear to migrate from one theme to other theme.

If you have not get your copy of Headway WordPress Theme, then get it now:

Sign-Up Link for Headway WordPress Theme

How to Use this Plugin

Step1: Download the plugin and install it. Use this post to install plugin.

Step2: After activating plugin go to “Tools” tab and click on “SEO Data Transport” as shown below:


Step3: As soon as you click on “SEO Data Transport”, it open a new window as shown below.


Step4: Now you have to simply choose required platform (for me its Thesis to Headway). After choosing platform click on “Analyze


Step5: As soon as you click on “Analyze” see analysis results and after it click on “Convert” button to convert all SEO values from Thesis to Headway WordPress Theme.


Congratulations, you have successfully transferred all your SEO values from Thesis WordPress Theme to Headway WordPress Theme.

Download Link for SEO Data Transporter

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If you have any query do let me know in comment section and do not forget to check Free WordPress Installation Service.

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